Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello everyone! So the idea of this blog is to get my name out there and advertise my baked goods. However, as I was busy setting up the page I realized, shouldn't there be some sort of growth in my talent as I'm doing this? I mean I don't want to walk away from this in a year and not have accomplished anything. So what I have decided to do is to pick an ingredient each week and incorporate it into a cupcake recipe some how. The objective is for these ingredients to be a bit unexpected so that when you look at the recipe you gasp and say "NO WAY HOW COULD THAT POSSIBLY TASTE GOOD?!" Then, just out of curiosity you head to the store, grab your supplies and make the recipe, at which point you realize...this girl Carolyn is a genius! But if the recipes worked every time would that really be any fun at all? Of course not! Which is why we can expect to see recipes that don't work at all (and for comedic purposes, I will have pictures!) So for the next 12 months, each week I will be picking a new ingredient to cook with in an attempt to come up with a mouthwatering creation. But we need some rules don't you think? Here they are:

1. Ingredients don't have to be completely insane (example: frog legs) but they should be something you don't normally see in baking.

2. Research and preparation is allowed, but following a specific recipe is NOT allowed.

3. Pictures of each experiment and my honest feedback is required each week.

4. Requests (should we get any), should be considered...unless of course they are very crazy and cannot be found at the local grocery store!

5. At least once a month, I will have vegan recipes.

So there you have it...maybe in a year I will be an amazing baker that can make a delicious cupcake out of absolutely anything. Or maybe I will run away crying. If you're curious to see what will's all happening here for your viewing pleasure. So let's get started!! This week's ingredient will be posted soon!

Yours truly,

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