Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good afternoon fellow cupcake lovers!! I am so sorry that I have neglected to make any new posts (although I may have scared some people away after seeing my crazy experiment with cilantro cupcakes last time). Life has just been super crazy and I have been getting ready to go to culinary school, as well as working almost full time as a receptionist at a music school! I am also working on redoing my entire house starting with my kitchen so let's just say that I am a busy girl!

So, being that I still have wasabi sitting in my pantry that I have yet to use, I am thinking I will do the experiment this weekend! I recently was given a few days off work (very exciting!!!) So, my little cupcake followers, please continue to watch for posts. I am so very sorry that I have been gone for so long but I plan to be back in full swing soon!

As always, if there is anyone out there who is really interested in what I am doing and would like to suggest an ingredient, feel free to leave a message or a comment! I can always use extra help coming up with new ideas :)

Thank you all and I will be back soon!


  1. Red velvet is my favorite cupcake...mmmmm!

    1. Red velvet is one of my favorites too! I will post a recipe for that soon, thanks for the comment!